Kruger National Park Wilderness Trails

Getaway Tours offers as part of our itineraries, Kruger National Park wilderness and back packing trails. These trails can be done stand alone, or in conjunction with another safari.

Wilderness Trails: These offer overnight huts from where the walks are conducted from, trailists stay in the same area, hiking every day from the base camp into different areas. There are several of these trails.

Back Packing Trails: Here trailists back pack on a 4 day hike, sleeping in the open every evening, all provisions are carried with on tour. There are several of these hikes throughout the Park.
Day 1 - Sopa Mara
Day 2 - Balloon flight over Mara
Day 3 - Amboselli game reserve
Day 4 - Game viewing in Amboselli
Day 5 - Serengeti
Day 6 - Seregeti game viewing
Day 7 - Serengeti game viewing
Day 8 - Ngorongoro crater
Day 9 - Zanzibar
Day 10 - Zanzibar spice market
Day 11 - Zanzibar relax
Day 12 - Zanzibar on the beach
Day 13 - Zanzibar explore
Day 14 - Flight back