The Okavango Delta covers an area of 16 000sq/km. It’s a river that starts in the Angolan highlands and then flows into the Kalahari Desert in Botswana where it stops, creating this huge delta, a world heritage site! Animal life abounds here, and over 70 species of fish!

Combine tiger fishing in the Okavango Delta with an extraordinary event that takes place in the Delta every year, the annual barbel run! This happens every year as the waters in the delta start to drop, from September, the baitfish gets flushed out of the reeds and receding floodplains into the main channels.

This is when the barbel, or catfish congregate in their thousands to hunt the baitfish, and off course right next to them are the tigers! The water literally starts to boil with thousands of fish dashing about! An unbelievable sight!

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The barbel run and Nguma Island en-suite camp

To experience this extraordinary event, your guide will meet you in Johannesburg and from there you fly into Maun, from Maun it’s a charter flight to Nguma Island Lodge. We land at the lodge which is situated on a permanent lagoon in the delta. The following days will be an exciting adventure following the barbel run and fishing for tiger!

Okavango Delta Fishing