Luderitz to Walvis Bay


This new route is the highlight of the Namib Desert and involves scenery and dunes unrivalled by other Namib routes. We will visit known shipwrecks along the route and all the awesome big bays including Boats Bay, Hottentots Bay, Spencer Bay, Oyster Cliffs, Easter Point, Franciscus Bay, Meob Bay, Conception Bay, and Sandwich Harbour.

Part of this exciting new route ventures into unknown territory and involves some dune driving rated 4 to 5 in difficulty and clients should therefore have done some dune driving prior to this trip.

The adventure starts at Luderitz where the group assembles for dinner and briefing the night before venturing into the desert the next day.


After breakfast we leave Luderitz only as far as Kolmanskoppe where we obtain Diamond Area clearance and then enter the area at Kolmanskoppe Security Gate.

We venture through the famous Charlottental with all its diamond history until we reach Agate Beach just north of Luderitz. Here we visit a shipwreck used for the growing of black mussels and then proceed along the coastline all the way to the beautiful Boats Bay.


Here the dunes start and our serious 4x4 begins to take us through the dunes until we get back on the beach to view the spectacular ‘FrotAmerica’, a +/- 200m long freighter grounded on the beach in 2014.

We continue along the coastline past Ichaboe Island all the way to Hottentots Point, being the western point of the huge bay. We pass the ruins of an old crayfish factory and seek shelter for the night on the eastern side of the bay behind some huge dunes on the beach.

Luderitz Luderitz

Today is another scenic day which involves heart racing tidal beach zones, venture past Black Rock (‘Point of No Return’) then Gibraltar Rock (historic border since colonial times between Diamond Area 1 and 2, travelling into Saddle Hill area all the way to Spencer Bay.

Here Mercury Island and the shipwreck Otavi wait for us to be viewed and all the history shared. We continue just north of Spencer Bay where we camp in a dune valley to escape the Namib south-westerly winds.


Today’s route will test our vehicles, drivers and passengers! We cross the majestic dunes in a northerly direction and aim to reach Knoll Point beach by early afternoon. We inspect two more shipwreck remains near Oyster Cliffs and Easter Point, as well as an old Diamond mine dating back over 100 years.


The driving here is challenging to say the least, and routes may vary according to tides and shifting of the dunes. We pitch camp just South of Sylvia Hill or near Knoll Point after an exhilarating day!


We move away from Easter Point through some technical dunes to Sylvia Hill. Along the route we find a seal colony, penguin cave and some 800-year old Strandloper settlements. After taking in the history we venture to the top of the famous 230m high Lange Wand (tall wall) with St. Francis Bay on our left. Stunning views and roller-coaster dunes take us past Black Rock in the vicinity of Meob Bay. Once again, the tide might alter the route and take us towards Fishersbrunn where we set up camp for the night.

Today we have a fairly long beach drive past Meob Bay with its historic long boats and Customs station from German colonial days. We proceed past saltpans all the way to the 90m-long Eduard Bohlen shipwreck lying +/- 800m away from the sea.

Luderitz   Luderitz  

We visit Conception Bay along the small Lange Wand, pass the Shawnee, a shipwrecked tug boat, all the way to Sandwich Harbour. At this beautiful setting we pitch camp for one last night in the desert.

Our last day takes us through Sandwich Harbour’s spectacular roller-coaster dunes until we finally reach the beach north of Sandwich Bay. This is the end of dune driving for us and we travel to the Walvis Bay Salt Refinery where we inflate our tyres and head to Walvis Bay where the tour ends.


The total distance to be covered on this route is +/- 650 km from the last fuelling point at Luderitz to Walvis Bay.
Fuel consumption guideline: Petrol vehicles: 3km/litre and Diesel vehicles: 4km/litre

1. Two-way radios for all vehicles
2. Guide & guide vehicle
3. Wind shelter, hot shower & flush toilet facilities!
4. One vehicle to carry logistics
5. 2 Meals per day (hearty breakfast & dinner)
6. Water (for kitchen only) 20l

1. Tents, Mattress, sleeping bag / blanket, chairs, or rooftop tent.
2. Own cutlery & crockery
3. Two bags of wood per vehicle
4. Drinking water
4. Water for showers (minimum 40ltrs)
5. Beverages, drinks & snacks
6. Strong garbage bags – Clients will have to carry their own garbage/waste!

Personal items: such as medication, sunblock, torch, Binoculars, camera, batteries etc.

4x4 Vehicles:
- Make sure that your 4x4 is mechanically fit
- 4x4 vehicle to be fitted with ‘high flotation’ tyres (no low profile tyres))
- Pump & pressure gauge
- Emergency gear, tools & parts
- Recovery point/hook – front & rear

Travel insurance and medical evacuation:
You need to arrange for your own travel insurance and medical evacuation service in case of a medical emergency. This is compulsory.

19 - 24 September

*Further dates to be announced.
Rates SADC. R15500 per person.

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